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Hygienic Male Wrap
for male dogs

The Hygiene Solution fit for all the situations 
Temporary, occasional or permanent 


For :

  • Incontinence 

  • Urinary leaks

  • Marking


  • Sport / Dog event

  • Transportation / Travel 

  • Accommodation / Hotel 

  • Store / Shop

  • Visiting / boarding

  • In medical convalescence

  • Reduced mobility

Peace of mind and freedom
for all owners!

This male wrap  is super easy to put on, machine washable and waterproof, fits perfectly on all dog breeds.

Unbeatable quality / price!

A respectful hygienic protection...

Protection d'hygiène bandeau Yamacouche



Protection d'hygiène écologique pour animaux Yamacouche



  • Comfortable

  • Soft and gentle for the skin

  • super absorbent

  • Waterproof and very resistant

  • Without pressure on sex organ

  • Perfectly adjusted

  • Good lumbar support

  • Freedom of movement

  • Ecological

  • Reusable

  • Easy to maintain

  • Drying in the open air

  • Possibility to add absorbency Washable

  • Products from here (Quebec)

  • Recyclable Packaging


on video

  • What are they made of?

  • Easy to put on

  • Fits in the blink of an eye

  • Impossible for the animal to remove it

Yamacouche accessoire bandeau d'hygiène pour animaux

The accessory for your pet's male wrap

Face Up

Yamacouche accessoire bandeau d'hygiène pour animaux

Face Down

Yamacouche accessoire bandeau d'hygiène pour animaux

The washable insert 

Diapositive7.JPGYamacouche accessoire bandeau d'hygiène pour animaux

Insert installed in

male wrap

The washable insert for the male wrap doubles the absorption of urinary incontinence.


Provided with a moisture barrier to keep the skin dry.

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