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 Maintenance & Recommendations


To enjoy a great experience with your Yamacouche washable diapers!

  It is important to follow the recommendations  for product maintenance and to wash your pet's genitals at each change. Use wet wipes designed for babies' bottoms or a clean cloth with a skin-friendly, fragrance-free soap, rinse well and dry.


Beware !  Dog urine is packed with acid, salts and nitrogen, which can cause irritation, burning, inflammation and even infection.  

Maintenance of washable diapers and male wraps

It's simple and easy!   To maximize deep cleaning, it is recommended to rinse diapers before washing. Use a perfume-free detergent ideally one for sensitive skin.


  • If odors persist, add baking soda to the water.

  • Diapers do not need to be soaked before machine washing.


Caution !  It is strongly recommended to fold the Velcro back in the closed position to avoid damage to the products and/or other clothing.   


To hand-wash, rinse well and hang to dry in a well-ventilated space, the diaper and the male wrap dry faster


Machine wash  inside out, velcros closed and put in a perforated mesh bag, in the normal cycle with cold/lukewarm water after the spin cycle take out the mesh bag, detach the velcros and hang for drying in a well ventilated space, the diaper and the male wrap dry faster

* The perforated mesh bag is optional,  but practical, will maximize the life of your products, protect Velcro from foams and other clothing.


Things not to do!

Do not use fabric softener

Do not machine wash in hot water

Do not apply bleach

Do not put in the hot air dryer

Do not use the iron

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us

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