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About Us

Our history

In 2015 we adopted Maya, a 7-year-old dachshund dog in perfect health, but permanently handicapped and incontinent due to posterior paralysis following a severe herniated disc damaging the spinal cord.

Her initial owner disbursed large sums for her care and rehabilitation in hopes of getting her back on her 4 feet. However, in the face of failure, with a torn heart,  and much deception he gave up and chose the path of euthanasia.

Luckily for the owner and Maya, we were there! .

Ready and determined to find a solution

Yamacouche was put on its feet thanks to our determination to find a solution, according to the problems encountered due to the dysfunction of our dog, but especially because of the lack of a reliable solution and comfort for all concerned. 


Our specialized hygiene  protections were created and are manufactured in Quebec after having been thought out, studied, tested, manipulated, modified, re-evaluated, and that on several occasions to finally have a diaper that will best meet our customers,

 and your faithful life companions. 


Quality of life and  animal comfort as well as  peace of mind

of their owners  are important to us.

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