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Does your dog have problems with leakage? 

Incontinences, Marquages, chaleurs, Yamacouche
  • Urinary leakage

  • Urinary/fecal incontinence 

  • Territorial marking

  • In heat

  • Reduced mobility

Yamacouche has the Solution !


For dogs and cat of all races

Incontinence, marquages, chaleurs Yamacouche

For female dog, cat and pussy

For male dogs

10 Great Reasons to Use Yamacouche Products


  • Save time and money

  • Guaranteed peace of mind

  • Protect your possessions

  • Makes life easier

  • Gain freedom...

Your pet

  • Quality of life

  • Peace of mind 

  • Stays comfortable and dry

  • Freedom to move

  • Extends their life...

The joy of Yamacouche...

Offering you the best!

Lyne et Meggie Co-fondatrice Yamacouche.jpg
About Us


Yamacouche is a family business based out of Québec, Canada, which makes hygenic products for cats and dog of all races. 

Yamacouche was founded in 2017 by Lyne Chartrand and her daughter Meggie Chartrand Williamson, after they adopted Maya, a paraplegic dachshund.


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Lotbiniere, QC

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